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Crowned Imperial Shih Tzu specializes in the tiny sized pure bred Shih Tzu.  Our puppies range from 4 lbs. to 9 lbs. full grown.

These exceptional puppies come in an array of colors. Our lines carry liver, blue, chocolate, lavender, red, vibrant orange, gold, black, and parti colors. All of our dogs have exceptional tiny lines in their pedigrees and are all AKC registered.

We are a small in home breeder where our dogs and puppies are a part of our family. All our puppies are well socialized and smothered with love from my children.

We are located in beautiful sunny California right in the middle of Los Angeles and Orange County. We do not sell to Puppy Mills or Pet Stores.
We invite you to visit our Nursery to see the beautiful babies we have awaiting their forever homes!